Why Flaxseed, Chi seeds and Hemp hearts are healthy

You may have noticed the recent buzz about seeds being healthy for us. Frist it was Flaxseed, next Chi seeds (I thought you only grew Chi Pets with those), and now Hemp hearts. The common health benefits in all of these are the levels of fiber, omega and protein they all contain.

What are the benefits of each?


  • Lowers elevated triglycerides levels -having high triglycerides levels puts you at risk of a heart attack
  • Curbs stiffness and joint pain – reduces joint pain and stiffness
  • May also decrease systems of depression, asthma and ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease


  • Helps control PH levels – good for the digestive system
  • Lowers Cholesterol – Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Fills you up – helps control weight


  • Grows and repairs body tissue, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood – Keeps your body health
  • Provides energy – Keeps you going through the day

So how do you know which one is best for you? Actually all of them are good to bring into your diet. I personally try to rotate through all 3 of them in a month. Here is a chart comparing nutritional values for 2 tablespoons of each.

Omega 3’s Fiber Protein
Flaxseed 4g 4g 2g
Chi seeds 5g 8g 4g
Hemp hearts 2g 2g 8g

I should also mention Hemp hearts have 32% dv of phosphorus and magnesium

So start eating seeds. Try putting them in yogurt, cereal, baked good, smoothies and salads. Enjoy!

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